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Our Mission

RestoreMore aims to be a trusted, LOCAL disaster clean-up and restoration contractor that delivers high-quality, cost-effective service. We don’t finish the job until the customer is completely satisfied.

RestoreMore is working to get the message out – through our list of satisfied clients, our well-established network of top quality co-suppliers, and our own marketing efforts – that we are the alternative and the solution to “storm chasers” from national contractors who come from all over the U.S. to swindle local home and business owners with expensive fees and “cut-corner” service.

More than just qualified, certified and customer-centric, RestoreMore is your business neighbor and community partner dedicated to restoring your home or business quickly and professionally so you can get back to your life! As your neighbor, we have an investment and shared risk in protecting the future of our communities and our region.

Our Vision

RestoreMore aspires to expand its reach as a trusted community partner helping families and businesses restore their properties and their lives. We aim to do this in the following areas:

1. Prevention Services & Education. RestoreMore wants to be a proactive prevention partner helping homeowners and businesses with products and services including mold removal & protection, water damage prevention, smoke & fire prevention, and prevention training for commercial and residential staff.

2. Grow the Neighborhood! RestoreMore looks to become a disaster cleanup and restoration solutions provider for more regions around the state of Wisconsin and the Midwest. We intend to expand upon our current model of being a trusted AND local (yes, LOCAL) provider that understands your disaster issues better than any national contractor.

3. Become a national consultant to local contractors. Because we believe that local contractors are also the local experts at assessing and restoring your damaged property, RestoreMore aims to partner with local contractors around the nation, helping them with marketing services and best practices consulting to give them a competitive advantage over “storm chaser” national contractors out to scam a quick buck from local residents and business owners.

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